This is one of the slogans read in the Paris demonstration of “non-delivery models.” According to one demonstrator, interviewed by Liberation is essential that “the vast majority of universities will not send models by the deadline of 15 February, even those that were in competition and have agreed not to draw in the legs.

Friday, February 13, 2009 "Happy Valentine Blarney!" This is one of the slogans read in the Paris demonstration of "non-delivery models." According to one demonstrator, interviewed by Liberation is essential that "the vast majority of universities will not send models by the deadline of 15 February, even those that were in competition and have agreed not to draw in the legs. "in any case it is the disenchantment among academics and Valerie Pecresse. And between secondary teachers and Xavier Darcos. In his speech at RMC during the show "The Big Mouths" he holds false statements that have offended in the teaching world. It says "Today (…) teachers take an exam, contest, they are put in the Training Institute of the masters, where they are taught general educational theories and then from time to time they will replace an absent teacher. that’s not how we train people. that is, they are constantly in front of a flight simulator. While in the proposed system, they will not be in a simulator flight, they will be installed in the cockpit with a copilot and they will enter the career. ". All this is completely false and insulting (see post about this on my blog). This has led to strong reactions from the IUFM and union directors (eg read the statement from NMS). But curiously, this part of about X.Darcos was not taken by the press. These are the blogs and other forums that the broadcast and that led to these strong reactions. Perhaps because these claims Xavier Darcos required a good knowledge of the education system and careful verification? The disenchantment, ultimately, is also the head of state. The remarks made on January 22 about the researchers, as we mentioned in a previous column, qualified today, in the editorial of the World of "gross negligence". What is clear is that the "sales pitch", he goes more … The news of the day is also the high school reform with the concept note posted online by the Pedagogical Cafe where Xavier Darcos invites rectors to consult "widely civil authorities, intellectuals, professionals, opinion leaders" on high school reform. The note also intends to invite unions and high school organizations to participate in the consultation. The bulk of the document concerns the consultation of elected students who will be from March to June It plans workshops on specific issues: orientation, high school life, personalized assistance, fight against failure, equal opportunities, common base, breaking down barriers, autonomy etc. Each meeting will lead to a synthesis. They will be enligne from March on a national site and will lead to a national summary. It also evokes the experiments that are currently under discussion in a number of institutions. The Minister shall direct its presidents nominate ten institutions by academy by March 1. The ministry will hold 100. The document sets out the priorities of these experiments: success rate in the level, reduction of repetition in second, individualized
support, balance and orientation week, preparation for higher education, parents’ association. The criteria are broad enough that many institutions can propose a project. This is not without creating controversy. The SNES, the majority union is against these experiments. It is surprising that these experiments are accompanied by additional means (3 or 4 positions more) when we are in a context of removing 13,500 positions. Incidentally, it can also provide an argument: if the MEN estimated 3 or 4 positions the means for experimentation – in this lean period – that is what it costs this reform! Note also that normally experimentation as provided for in Article 34 of the Fillon law provides that trials come teams and institutional projects. Here is a little contrast. But if the draft permit to eliminate the often issued criticism of "this is not feasible, it can not walk," maybe teams can seize the opportunities for innovation. But here in the specific case, these experiments add confusion in the pilot reform. This point should be clarified and it also assumes that a national framework to be made public and allow to remove ambiguities and to achieve a rigorous evaluation Since this will stop a little during the holidays, we will bind meetings. Take your calendars! On 19 March, seven federations of Education call to stop work and to scroll to the next interprofessional action day. Before that, there will have been the "social summit" at the Elysee Palace on 18 February, with trade union confederations. Note that South UNSA and FSU are not invited … Closer in time, the events are scheduled Thursday, February 19 at the call of the national coordination of universities but joined today by a wide inter. Between these dates, a little rest is needed. This stops a few days ( unless urgent news), it will take a daily basis in two weeks after the holiday area C. Happy holidays for some, good luck for others and … … Happy Reading ——— ————————————- 13/02/09 the Search unqualified teachers It seems desperately we can do better with fewer teachers. in any case the assertion Xavier Darcos to justify the cuts. But the education authorities seek more students when it is not retired, to fill the holes. Read more of the article University of Strasbourg: call for dialogue University of Strasbourg (Saarland) calls the Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse, to reopen a "comprehensive dialogue" with the UFR and the representative organizations. The Board of UdS states that "noted the motions" of UFR currently on strike on reforms and have them sent to the minister. According to him, these motions "express their legitimate concerns and their desire to advance the University for the benefit of all." Read more of the article Tough pre-Valentine for Valerie Pecresse Venus several Parisian universities and IUFM of Paris, hundreds of teachers and students demonstrated outside the Ministry of Valerie Pecresse. Objective: a ceremony of "non-delivery models’ preparation curriculum to support recruitment of teachers in primary and secondary schools. According to one demonstrator, the key is that "the great majority of universities will not send models by the deadline of 15 February, even those that were in competition and have agreed not to shoot in the legs ." Read the rest of the article —————————————– —- Le Figaro 13/02/09 teachers on strike March 19 September federations of Education call to stop work and to scroll to the next interprofessional action day. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 13/02/09 in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge are entering textbooks Thirty years after the fall of the Pol Pot regime, the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1979 made its official entry into the Cambodian school programs. The government announced on Thursday February 12, the first history textbook for high school students citing the "three years, eight months and twenty days" during which 1.7 million Cambodians perished Read more article: Inter higher education joins the mobilization of February 19 wide Inter higher education and research – bringing together unions as FSU, CGT, FO, Partners and associations whose research and Saving Saving University – called to participate in the national day of demonstrations against government reforms on Thursday 19 February. Read more of the article Axel Kahn denies supporting the decree on the faculty Hearing Nicolas Sarkozy talk about his "approval of the decree" changed the faculty on February 5 on TV, Axel Kahn " become pale. " He told him, Friday, February 13, the microphone of RMC. "I’m not Eric Besson, it does not take me hostage," joked, angry, renowned geneticist and university president. Read more of the article Universities, research organizations, school education: the discontent spreads Far from abating, tensions have increased, Thursday, Feb. 12, in the academic community. It is always agitated by the protest of the government’s reform projects, and the threat of contagion to school education remains. Read more of the article possible identification of strikers university On 2 February, the national coordination of universities called the strike "total, renewable, unlimited." For ten days many faculty members went on strike. How many ? Mystery. "They were 30,000 on strike on February 10," says the Snesup (FSU), the majority union at the top. No less an academic in two. Other unions are more cautious. For the NMS-CFDT, it is impossible to know the figure, because "no one can control the university service." UNSA-Sup Research believes that "most of the strikers are intermittent: they strike day event, and when they do not have classes." For the fear of university is to cancel a course, then very hard to catch up. Read more of the article World Without heavy Editorial Nicolas Sarkozy prides itself willing to say out loud what he thinks without cautions rosiere of its predecessors. Better, in his eyes, an open, live, even muscular, rather than the ambiguities and misunderstandings. This recklessness has already earned him a few setbacks; she is currently driving the disaster with academics and researchers. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 13/02/09 (delay of one day) in Marseille, the researchers write in Sarkozy Universities strike. About 50 000 researchers, teachers and students marched in Paris on Tuesday to protest against government reforms in higher education and education. Reportage in Marseille. Read more of the article University. "Expanding the fight kindergartens to facs" National coordination universities voted to strike the renewal yesterday with a slogan: the convergence of mobilizations extended to the entire national education. Read more of the article University. Young researchers bristle In Lyon, a call was made yesterday against the proposed "single doctoral contract", which provides in particular a competitive PhD students. Read more of the article New controversy after a drug raid One hundred students from the small college of Arthez-de-Bearn were checked Tuesday morning off the bus in front of their establishment. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 13/02/09 education: the tone hardens the tension has increased on Thursday between the world of education and the government. Against the ongoing reforms, university presidents have clamped down, the researchers expressed their distrust and unions called mobilization. Read more of the article The use of mediators: a disputed method The use of mediators that the government has appointed several burning issues – education, research, overseas – rings, according to experts, as a failure of policy, even if short-term reduces the pressure on the ministers concerned. Read more of the article Parents in training to understand their teen Since November, the Academy of Creteil offers courses for parents to better understand the behavior of their children and thus help to better succeed in school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 13/02/09 reform teacher training in turn disputed reform of teacher training has become in turn the target of discontent: universities boycotted Friday delivery of projects Masters need this reform, while the Education Minister Xavier Darcos has been deemed "insulting" about it. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 13/02/09 echoes of University presidents unleash the executive government has less and less support in the world of research to carry out his reforms. Yesterday it was the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), which groups 83 French universities and several directors of schools and tertiary institutions, which significantly clamped down on the three main issues currently under debate. Read more of the article The widening gap between the world of education and the government The gap has widened on Thursday between the world of education and government: university presidents have clearly hawkish against ongoing reforms, while researchers and education unions each have their part expressed their distrust. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 13/02/09 Divorce between research and the State the gap has widened yesterday between the world of education and the government: the university presidents toughened against your current reforms, while seven federations of Education called for the strike and parade during the day of 19 March. Read more of the article Faculty Members: Sarkozy takes over President wants new tracks are quickly explored … Read More Article ————— ——————————— Rue89 of 13/02/09 the tendency to evaluate everything, a sign of commodification of the school by Nestor Romero Here the voices are more likely to expose "the entreprenalisation" and the generalized commodification that is to say roughly the transformation of the human being thing in thing these days for cash and for that, to estimate the market value, assessable. This is the word: evaluation. Everything has to be evaluated, the kindergarten kid and middle reaches up hoary researcher through the young unemployed or old which should assess its ability to find a job not found, the hospital doctor who would tend to spend too time to his patients at the cost of profitability of the hospital business, and the patient would tend to be a bit much. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France … 13/02/09 Nothing seen ——————————- —————– Le Journal du Dimanche 13/02/09 "Darwin never questioned by experience" on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the birth of Darwin and the 150th anniversary of his book the origin of species, update on the Darwinian theory of evolution with Gerard Cobut, zoologist and member of the education department of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Faced with creationism and religion, Darwin holds good. Read more of the article Bye bye Darwin This is the latest victory for creationists: the first "Creation Museum" has opened and it tells in great detail how we moved from the Garden to our current lifestyle in just 6000 years. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 13/02/09 Vienna: a high school student hit a teacher to face the student, first mechanical engineering, had been excluded from the lecture by the teacher because of disruptive behavior Read more of the article Universities: an inter called for a demonstration on February 19 FSU, CGT, Solidaires, Save search, Save UNEF university and criticize the "consultation parody" organized by the minister Valerie Pecresse. Read more of the article CFDT judge about Darcos "insulting" "Teachers learn general theories on education and, from time to time, they will not replace a teacher absent.C’est like that that forming people ", said the Minister of Education. Read more of the article A period of intellectual glaciation began reads Christophe Mileschi, Professor at Paris Ouest Nanterre, president of the Society of Italian studies of Higher Education. This text was submitted to all members of the SEIU, who amended and endorsed. Read more of the article Researchers: a UMP site on reforming the UMP group in the National Assembly launched a website intended to "gather ideas, comments and suggestions of users." Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 13/02/09 ————————————- Nothing seen … ——— the Pedagogical Cafe 13/02/09 consultation with students and the criteria of experiments revealed "Creating conditions for as broad a consensus as possible to allow for the necessary reform of high school s perform "as is the instruction given by Xavier Darcos in a concept note for the rectors that the Cafe is provided. Read more of the article High School: The reformists seek an interlocutor "What are the real interlocutors Where is the real pilot?" Questioned the 20 organizations (Association of Regions of France, Cemea, Student Confederation Crap-Pedagogical Notebooks, Scouts and Girl Scouts of France, education Becoming CIPF FESPI, Federation of AROEVEN, Francas, Icem-Freinet Pedagogy, JPA League education, OCCE, PEP, Se-Unsa, Sgen-CFDT, UNL) group "Ambitions for the high school reform. ‘ "Convinced of the need for a real and ambitious reform of the general high school, technological and professional", they worry about the absence of specifications experiments and wish to be received by R. Descoings. Read more of the article For Denis Meuret, the level of decline in school reflects the inconsistency of monitoring the education system A is attributable to lower performance of the French education system? A lack governance Denis believes Meuret. Author of "Governing the" school ", one of the best books on the French education system, the father of some of the assessment tools used by the Ministry of Education, Denis Meuret considering the evaluation of the education system for 20 years. He analyzes the alarming results of the French school and binds to a lack of governance. "in France, the traditional forms of regulation of education, such as the inspection of teachers, have weakened, while (the) new forms have not been implemented. "Read more of the article ——————————— ————- Mediapart University of 13/02/09 (fees apply) at Paris VIII, Sarkozy’s language courses for striking students "Traumatic", "shocking" words Violaine. Roussel, teacher-researcher at the political science department of the University of Saint-Denis (Paris VIII) are unambiguous. the speech made by Nicolas Sarkozy on rech Erche, January 22, she has lived as an "insult". So that’s the theme she chose for this participative conference, the number of different sessions organized as part of an "active strike" in Paris VIII. The projection of speech must precede a decryption Philippe Riutort, social science professor and author of Sociology of Communication, published in 2007 (The Discovery). Read more of the article Darcos as he speaks Orthous By Nicole Xavier Darcos was delivered on Thursday 12 February 2009, in an exercise in style that must be analyzed – in a small part: It is on RMC, 13 hours, in a show called "The big mouths." The minister takes to the ministry. No. The minister wants us to take him to the ministry. Advanced stages of sarkozyte. For an hour, he practices twice contempt towards teachers struggling against its actions, and to the auditors of RMC. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 13/02/09 dispatches IUFMs also involved the mobilization academic training Institutes (IUFM) are part of the mobilization against the proposed reform of teacher training, with blockages, strikes renewable or shares of "pedagogical disobedience." Read more of the article called UNEF students to mobilize the 17 and 19 February The UNEF Thursday urged students to "enhance mobilization" on February 17 and to participate in events in Higher Education 19 February saying that Valerie Pecresse had not made any "answers" to the students, in a press statement. Read more of the article Two associations condemn the "police raids in colleges" Two associations of risk reduction associated with drugs condemn Friday in a joint statement the "raids in colleges," stressing that the "policy fear "can" act as prevention. " Read more of the article Axel Kahn: "I’m not Eric Besson, it does not take me hostage" "I’m not Eric Besson, it does not take me hostage," he said Friday on RMC Axel Kahn when asked about the words of Nicolas Sarkozy who had assured Feb. 5 television that university president approved the reform of the status of faculty. Read more of the article Masters of instruction: additional time granted to universities The Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (AERES), responsible for evaluating the projects for future teaching masters, has announced Friday that the universities had additional time, until March 31 to make their projects. Read more of the article Presidents of universities and IUFM denounce the "untruths" of Darcos The university presidents and directors of IUFM "denounced" Friday "untruths" and "contemptuous" statements Thursday of Education Minister Xavier Darcos on teacher training. Read More Article symbolic ceremony "no surrender" project teaching masters Several hundred people staged Friday in Paris a symbolic and festive ceremony of "no surrender" to the government projects for future education Masters , to oppose the reform of teacher training, said a journalist from AFP. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Friday, February 13, 2009

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